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The “Men in Sheds” idea is to support older men who want to get together, share skills, learn new stuff, and chat, all in the welcoming space of a shed. A home, or refuge, away from home. click me to see the workshop

We hope to offer something for everyone, from people with a lifetime in working with tools, to those who would just like to gain new skills. For those that want to give something back to the community, to those that would just like to get out of the house and put the world to rights over a cup of tea and a biscuit. Something we are not doing that you would like to do? We would love to hear from you. Bedford Men in Sheds is open to all, it is not necessary to be a DIY expert, of a certain age, or even a bloke.


Please see our project page for all the project that we have been involved with over the last few years. Projects – I mean the best Projects EVER

Please see our page on what we hope to offer to everyone who would like to take part in Men In Sheds Bedford. A lot of good reasons for joining us 🙂