What’s in it for me?

Why Men In Sheds Bedford

Fundamentally it is all about health. Numerous studies link mental well-being with physical well-being. Getting out and meeting people, talking to people, and doing stuff all helps with a positive mental state. Not to mention the physical benefits of just moving about and getting out of the house a few times a week.

Many members have a host of skills and find sharing those skills to be a quite positive experience. Not only are they helping others, they are keeping sharp all those skills they have used during their working life, as well as recapturing skills they have not used for many years.

Learning new skills, or refining old ones, keeps the mind active. Again, there are many studies that have shown this to have a beneficial effect on mental states, and as a possible defence against some forms of dementia.

Some of our members are carers. Just getting out of the house and chatting with other people gives a valuable break from the stresses of looking after someone every day. It also gives the carer something to talk about when the get home too.

We have several members with medical conditions that have led to disabilities. This is no barrier to joining us. We cannot stress how much better people feel getting out of the house and coming along for a chat, a cup of tea, and a biscuit. There is always something to do at the shed for everyone.

Men In Sheds Bedford has done many projects for the Community; from building homes for Dormice for the Wildlife Trust, putting up sheds for Gardening with Grace, to running one to one training sessions for those with special needs. This enables members to get involved with group projects, get a sense of giving to the wider community, and benefiting other individuals and charities.

In addition, there is a social side to Men In Sheds Bedford. We have organised trips out to factories, the Houses of Parliament, and local businesses, social events such as attending Quiz nights, and having Cheese and wine parties, and every year there has been a Christmas lunch party at a local restaurant.

Of course, possibly the biggest reason for joining Men In Sheds Bedford is for the fun. Discussion, banter, life stories, and just getting together in an environment of likeminded people in camaraderie of the workplace.

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