Information for New Joiners.

Information for New Joiners.

We hope that you will join us in our welcoming shed space. There is lots to do, people to meet, and skills to learn. Failing that, we have coffee, biscuits, and cookies, along with a lot of talking.

There is a considerable amount of information on the website,

Our aim is to provide a place where everyone can have fun working with others in pursuing their hobbies and practical interests. You can share skills, learn new ones and help with community-based projects. Along with several visits, trips, and social events every year. The Men in Shed movement is primarily aimed at older more mature men – but everyone is welcome. We do have younger members and several ladies who attend.

We meet in the Annex at the Bedford Arts and Craft Centre, Ampthill Road (off Althorpe Street), Bedford MK42 9HE (the entrance to the Art and Craft Centre is nearly opposite to the Bedford Hospital A&E entrance). We do recommend visiting on Mondays between 10:00 and 13:00 as this is a quiet session where machines are not in use. However, both Tuesday and Thursday between 10:00 and 13:00 will always have members around.

Our current personal contact is the secretary (Steve Conway), Best contacted by email ( or texting or messaging 07805 775828. Alternatively, if you want to talk someone, Dave, a member of the management committee, is available on 07716 180784

Men In Sheds Bedford is a registered charity (1174339). It is overseen by five Trustees and a management committee that usually meets once a month. Any questions about the running of the charity can be directed to these individuals. See website for current “Who’s Who”.

The cost for new members is a joining fee of £10 and a monthly subscription (by standing order) of £2; this broadly covers our running costs. Additional funds are raised by members making items which are sold at events, getting donations for work done for other charities or institutions, and members making contributions for using wood from our donated wood store. We also charge the outrageous amount of 10p for a cup of tea or coffee.

Working safely is of paramount importance to us, and we hope you too. We have members who rarely have put a screw in to those who have a lifetime of experience of using power tools. Please use common sense, but please pay attention to:

  • Please work in a safe manner, wear glasses, do not leave tools in a dangerous state etc.
  • If you see someone working in a unsafe manner, please draw it to their attention immediately.
  • We have list of those approved to work on machine tools. We have this to comply with our insurance. Please, please do not use a machine that you have not been signed off as being competent on. (we understand that some members are extremely well trained in using some machines, but we really, really, need our records to show you have our approval to use the machines)