Attendance at the Shed Under Covid

Shed Operating Procedures under Covid 19

A committee member will open and close the annex (the on-duty committee member). Members will have to book sessions in advance (initially there will be for sessions for the next two weeks). This will by phone call on 07592 483336 to the on-duty committee member between 0900 and 1200 (please don’t leave voicemails messages, we will try and call you back). Currently we are planning on sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday opening between 0900 to 1200.

Access to the shed will be via the ramp. Exit will be via the fire door to maintain a one-way flow (note there is now a new fire door access ramp which is wheelchair compliant).

1M+ rules will apply. PPE will be worn at all times. This includes a face covering and gloves. The shed will provide these but members may bring their own if preferred.

The numbers is the shed will be limited to 5 persons (plus the on-duty committee member). Effort must be made to maintain 1 M distancing at all times; the floor has been taped out to give some guidelines.

Members arriving will sanitize their hands on arrival, and before leaving.

The door to the lobby is a pinch point and will be deemed inwards only. Members wishing to use the toilet must exit via the fire door and re-enter via the front door to access the toilet via the lobby.

The toilet is a risk area. Members using this must wash hands with soap and water and wipe down with anti bac wipes after use.

There will be no food and drink. Members must bring their own supplies. Water will be available and paper cups provided. The kettle maybe used, but must be sanitised afterwards.

Tools must not be used without gloves on. This will save having to clean them down at every use

Windows should be opened to ensure good air flow.

Members must wash their workwear at home after use every time.

The shed must be kept clean: a wipe down will be required at the end of each session and at the end of the working day (the last 15 minutes of the session is designated as clean up time).

Bins must be emptied daily.

The following PPE will be provided by the shed: Masks, Gloves, Antibac wipes, Paper cups, Paper towel, Soap, Hand sanitiser, and Disinfectant.

Risk Assessment